Mission, Vision & Values 

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect readers with independent literature and the authors and publishers of this relevant and vitalizing work.

Our Vision 

As motivation for our programming, APRIL envisions:

  • an increase in readers seeking out writing that is new and pertinent to them—writing that takes chances in both publication and performance and has greater potential for relevance in their lives;
  • readers actively reconsidering their definition of literature, its forms and its position in the arts;
  • independent literary producers—authors, publishers and writers of all kinds—thriving, with increased publicity and heightened reader engagement;
  • a reading public connecting as a more interactive social body—one that encourages creation and collaboration.

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Our Values 

We believe in:

  • literature as an indispensable element of our shared culture;
  • writing that takes risks, strikes out on a new path, negotiates from its own rubric, and speaks to a greater need;
  • the multiplicity of today’s literary arts—how literature manifests itself in books, online, hand-crafted chapbooks, zines, collaborative writing projects, conceptual readings, interpretive performances, and more;
  • creative possibility as a quality that sustains the literary arts and encourages growth;
  • unique, personal, and meaningful literary experiences that feed enthusiasm and promote active engagement and literacy;
  • communication as a crucial and gratifying element of human interaction.