The Future of APRIL

APRIL 2017 was our last hurrah. For the past five years, we have been so thrilled to be arts organizers in Seattle, but now we are closing up shop. A few of us have left to pursue MFAs and teaching positions out of state. Willie is working hard to complete his first novel in his time as a Hugo House fellow. Sarah is doing excellent work with Letter [r] Press. Frances is writing weird think pieces about video games. Our former managing director Tara’s first book, BOYFRIENDS, is about to be released from Instant Future.

APRIL “retires” at a time when the Seattle literary community is thriving. We have so much confidence in the strength of this community.

Since 2011 when Tara and Willie founded APRIL, Seattle has gotten a new poetry press, a journal dedicated to promoting the literary arts, many of theauthors featured at the festival have published new books to critical acclaim.

So many people smarter than us are doing the work to connect independently published authors with new readers and create a more equitable literary community. We truly can’t wait to go to the events other people are curating right now.

Thanks for being part of all our literary seances, post-reading fried chicken dinners, boozy book parties and more.

Thank you so so much,
The APRIL staff

Black and White Crowd