Benediction at Chop Suey, 3/25/13
readings from Summer Robinson, Matthew Dickman, and Rebecca Brown; performances from Jackie Hell and Punishment

Happy Hour Reading no. 1 at the Quarter Lounge, 3/26/13
readings from Amber Nelson, Rich Smith, and Rebecca Bridge

The Trees The Trees at Vignettes, 3/26/13
reading from Heather Christle; art from Jamey Braden, Eroyn Franklin, Adam Boehmer, Gala Bent, Zack Bent, Amanda Manitach, and Maggie Carson Romano

Happy Hour Reading no. 2 at the Comet Tavern, 3/27/13
readings from Maged Zaher, Calvin Pierce, and Dave Thomas

A Poet, a Playwright, a Novelist, and a Drag Queen at the Sorrento Hotel, 3/27/13
readings and performances from Cherdonna, Elissa Ball, Peter Mountford, and Neil Ferron

Happy Hour Reading no. 3 at Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar, 3/28/13
readings curated by Pageboy Magazine. Featuring Greg Bem, Rachel Kessler, Emily Beyer, Jennifer Burdette, and Thomas Walton and Elizabeth Cooperman on ukulele

APRIL Showcase at Richard Hugo House, 3/28/13
readings from Matthew Rohrer, Heather Christle, and Rauan Klassnik

The Stranger’s Verse-Chapter-Verse at Neumos, 3/29/13
curated by the Stranger. Featuring a reading from Sherman Alexie; musical performance by Fly Moon Royalty

Small Press Expo at Richard Hugo House, 3/30/13
readings curated by SPLAB, The Furnace and the Bushwick Book Club, and Breadline