Launch Party at Sole Repair, 3/22/12
readings from Rebecca Brown and Christopher Frizzelle

HOARSE Undercover Release Party at Electric Tea Garden, 3/23/12
readings curated by HOARSE, musical performances by Blue Light Curtain, Tenderfoot, and LAKE

[PANK] Invasion at Kaleidoscope Vision, 3/24/12
readings from Summer Robinson, M Bartley Siegel, Kelly Boyker, Morris Stegosaurus, Gregory Laynor, and Erik Evenson

Chapbook-making Party at Richard Hugo House, 3/25/12
taught by Amber Nelson

A Poet, a Playwright, and a Drag Queen at the Sorrento Hotel, 3/26/12
readings and performances from Mallery Avidon, Jackie Hell, and Debra Di Blasi

Paper and Words at Cullom Gallery, 3/27/12
reading from Heather Folsom

A Jello Horse at Hedreen Gallery, 3/28/12
reading from Matthew Simmons, musical performance by Levi Fuller, Film by Molly Gallentine and dir. Brandon Covey

Porchlight Reading at Porchlight Coffee and Records, 3/29/12
readings from Chelsea Martin and Ryan Call

APRIL Lit Crawl at Bluebird Creamery, Piecora’s Pizza, Arabica Lounge, The Crescent Lounge, and a super-secret Parking Garage, 3/30/12
readings from Richard Chiem, Doug Nufer, Paulette Gaudet, Stacey Levine, Jamey Braden, Greg Bem, Tara Atkinson, Riley Michael Parker, Diana Salier, Kate Lebo, Sarah Galvin, and Ed Skoog

Small Press Expo at Richard Hugo House, 3/31/12
reading curated by Housefire